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Angola Visa

STV : Requirements

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  1. One Visa Form completed online
  2. One colour photographs of photo booth quality on off-white background.
  3. UK Company letter including the following points:
    1.  Applicants full Name
    2.  Passport Number
    3.  Purpose of Trip and the Company being visited
    4.  The applicant’s company is financially responsible for the trip.
  4. Invite letter stamped by the appropriate authority in Angola (The Embassy in London needs to have received a copy prior to lodging) it must include the following points
    1.  Applicants full Name
    2.  Nationality
    3.  Country of Birth
    4.  Date of Birth
    5.  Passport Number
    6.  Date of Issue
    7.  Expiry date
    8.  Job Title.
    9.  Employers Name.
    10.  Work Project in Angola.
    11.  Location of work project.
    12.  Objective of Travel.
    13.  Entry Date.
    14.  Exit Date.
    15.  The applicant’s company is financially responsible for the trip.5 Passport with a minimum 6 months left to run from date of lodging and 2 clear pages opposite each other. Plus 2 copies of every page of the applicants passport.
  5. Flight confirmation or Ticket showing entry and exiting Angola (within 7 days)
  6. A photocopy of Certificate of International Vaccines.
  7. Passport with a minimum 9 months left to run from date of lodging, and have 2 clear pages. Photocopy of main pages of passport and pages containing recent visas to Angola (max 2)
  8. If the Embassy has never issued visas before on behalf of the inviting company then: Copy of inviting Company’s commercial license, Copy of inviting Company’s last Industrial Tax receipt, Copy of inviting Company’s Registration document, if the Embassy


Important Notice:
The visa is only valid for entry into Angola within 72 hours from date of issue. It will allow the applicant to stay 15 days. An extension is possible whilst in Angola. The length of the extension will be decided by local Immgration.